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Group Top Secret is a private investigation services agency capable of solving any type of assignment entrusted to it. With commitment and passion, intuition and sensitivity, our professionals make their investigative, legal, IT and technological skills available to individuals, companies and institutions. From experience we know that no two cases are the same, only similar, which is why with Group Top Secret Investigations you can tailor private investigation services to your specific needs in order to optimise costs and intervention times.

Are you a company?

Here are our corporate and industrial investigation services.

False Illness

Do you suspect that your company is a victim of suspicious absenteeism or false accidents?


Unfair competition and industrial espionage: the side effects for the company

In the company

Would you like to know if someone is illegally stealing goods or money from your company?


Would you like to investigate a candidate before hiring them in your company?


Do you want to prevent your company from becoming a victim of cybercrime?

Telephone and
environmental remediation

Do you feel spied on in your home, office or other places in your daily life?

Security System

Installing a burglar alarm is not enough


Would you like to protect your company from fraud and other accounting and commercial offences?


Aliunde perceptum and aliunde percipiendum are delicate cases

Group Top Secret

Do you have doubts or suspicions?

Find the answers you need

Do you have doubts or suspicions?

Find the answers you need

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