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  • Cosa fa un investigatore privato

    How to Become a Private Investigator According to Current Italian Law. Differences Between Licensed and Employee Private Investigators. Operational Areas. The figure of the private investigator (in English private eye or private detective) holds a particular fascination in the collective imagination, stemming from the novels of great hardboiled fiction authors such as Raymond Chandler, Dashiell […]

  • Indagini difensive

    The judicial process can be likened to a complex symphony orchestra, where defensive investigations are one of the most refined and delicate instruments, essential for composing a solid and effective legal defense. This treatise aims to thoroughly and professionally explore the universe of defensive investigations, going beyond mere concepts to examine their practical implications, regulations, […]

  • Social Engineering

    Social engineering is the art of manipulating people to obtain confidential information or gain access to protected computer systems. Rather than exploiting technical vulnerabilities, social engineering attacks focus on the weakest link in the security chain: human beings. This article will explore 50 different social engineering tactics, providing a comprehensive overview of these threats and […]

  • First Private Investigators

    Private investigators are professionals specialized in gathering information and resolving legal and personal issues. Private investigators often work independently but can also be hired by investigative agencies or individual clients. Although the collective imagination often leads us to think of private investigators as characters from detective novels, the reality is much more complex. In this […]

  • Cosa fa un'agenzia investigativa

    If you need to choose an investigative agency to carry out an investigation, then focus on these characteristics. When you reach the point of having to resort to an investigative agency, it means that the situation for you has become very serious. That’s why you can’t afford to make mistakes during the selection process of […]

  • Commercial Investigations

    Protecting your business from potential threats and malicious intentions is crucial in today’s business world. Commercial investigations can be a valuable tool in achieving this goal. In this article, we will explore the importance of commercial investigations and how they can help protect your company. Commercial investigations are investigations that allow companies to acquire important […]