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Account investigations and Fraud prevention

Choose professionals to protect your company from corporate fraud
and accounting, financial and commercial crimes.


Thanks to a division specialized in Accounting Investigation and Fraud Prevention, we at Group Top Secret can help you prevent and manage corporate fraud, embezzlement phenomena and all the main corporate disputes relating to accounting and commercial investigations.

Revealing a fraudulent phenomenon requires the intervention of professionals able to combine specific technical accounting knowledge and investigation skills with the use of advanced electronic tools for data analysis to:

  • accounting investigations
  • Investigations for corporate fraud
  • develop strategies to fill control gaps
  • implement an effective fraud prevention system

It’s not enough to implement internal controls … The point is, if you don’t know what to look for, you probably won’t find anything.

This is why we will help you not only to reconstruct the facts and quantify the amount of losses suffered but above all to identify the parties involved in the fraud and understand exactly how the fraud occurred. Thanks to our work, you will be able to initiate the necessary legal actions and avert future dangers.

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From auction disruption to bribes, from conflict of interest to extortion. There are a thousand faces of corruption, some of which are very difficult to identify. We at Group Top Secret have the know-how and the tools to succeed.


If any of your employee misappropriate cash, collections or have falsified refunds, checks, we will help you locate them and give you evidence to prove their guilt …


If there is any alteration in the financial statements (from inflated costs to underestimating revenues) designed to harm your business, our experts know where to look for it and how to find it.

Would you like to protect your company from fraud and other accounting and commercial crimes?

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Precise, professional, serious and discreet, better than my best expectations. In a short time they made my suspicions clear. Well done!

Marco Palmini

Collateral damage caused by economic and financial crimes

From internal frauds to those carried out by external parties or unscrupulous companies. There are dozens of economic and financial crimes that can damage your company. Preventing them or intervening quickly is essential to prevent:

  • Loss in value of the shares and substantial economic losses
  • Serious damage to image and reputation
  • Sanctions and / or proceedings by the supervisory authorities

In the global marketplace, preventing corporate fraud and other accounting crimes is increasingly difficult. Unless…

In Italy there has been an increase in external fraud, which went from 30% in 2016 to 54%. The increase is in line with the growth of cyber threat and with the spread of fraud carried out by consumers. If we look at who the external actors of the fraud actually are, almost half fall into the “customer” category (47%) and about a third into the “hacker” category.

This was revealed by the Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey which also showed how more than half of the Italian companies that have suffered fraud declare that the loss was more than 50,000 dollars, and 24% even, more than one million dollars.

That’s why acting promptly and with the intervention of an investigative agency specializing in account investigations and fraud prevention can really make a difference for your company.

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