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Telephone and environmental remediation

If someone is spying on you with bugs or micro cameras hidden in phones,
computers, homes or cars, we will find out and …

What we can do for you

Do you feel spied while at home, in the office, or any other place in your daily life?

We at Group Top Secret use the best technological tools for radio frequencies interception and spectrum analyzers, the highest intelligence techniques to quickly discover the presence of a hidden micro camera in a car, spy devices installed in fixed devices and furniture you work with such as smart phones, tablets, phones, computers …

We do it quickly and discreetly so that you can find out for sure if someone is spying. And do not worry; the reputation of your business won’t be affected in any way. And above all we help you to increase the security levels of your company by securing networks and environments.

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Telephone and environmental remediation? Find out now!

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Modern technology allows you to install bugs inside fixed phones or hidden apps spying on your smart phone or computer. If you think someone is listening to your conversations, no problem: we can find out right away with our telephone and computer remediation service.


If your company is starting important new projects and you suspect that some unfair competitors or unfaithful employees are spying on you through micro cameras or hidden bugs in your offices, choose the reliability and discretion of Group Top Secret.


Intercepting your conversations inside the car and finding out where you are going is not as difficult as it seems. This is why car control is a fundamental step within Group Top Secret environmental remediation.

Would you like to know if someone is illegally gaining possession of your most confidential information?

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Precise, professional, serious and discreet, better than my best expectations. In a short time they made my suspicions clear. Well done!
Marco Palmini

Telephone, IT and environmental remediation help to prevent

Why are they spying on me? If you suspect that someone is “rummaging” in your life or your work, they are certainly doing it with a very specific and anything but noble purpose. Telephone, IT and environmental remediation help prevent:

  • theft of new highly confidential corporate projects
  • Theft of bank codes and sensitive information about your company
  • Ignoble blackmail

That hateful feeling of being spied from far away …

Today, in order to spy on someone and illegally steal confidential or highly confidential information in the professional sphere, it is no longer necessary to have them stalked. Because the technologies allow you to install microspies inside landlines, micro-cameras that are practically invisible in any environment and hidden apps on your smart phone. Indeed, electronic interception equipment such as bugs, transmitters, bugs or spy applications for smart phones and computers, are also easily available online and at low prices.

Spying on someone has become easier and easier. What has become complicated is the way to discover this illegal activity between secret IT solutions and bugs and micro-cameras with an ever higher definition and ever smaller size.

In short, to find a bug it is not enough to mess up an office or a room because smart spying devices can hide everywhere. The suspects that someone is spying on our work or life from afar without being seen can really compromise our business.

Telephone and environmental remediation helps to protect your own safety and that of your company, preventing strangers from accessing sensitive data, such as bank codes, or learning about intimate and private information that they can then use to blackmail you.

Now it is time to find out if this hateful feeling you are experiencing is true or not.

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Contatct us, Now!

Telephone and environmental remediation? Find out now!

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Contatct us, Now!

Telephone and environmental remediation? Find out now!

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