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Group Top Secret: is the first italian agency specialised in national and international investigations for over 30 years

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We operate in 80 countries around the world.

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The fastest in Italy!

Intelligence services

Higher level intelligence services.

Attention! Group Top Secret® and Top Secret Group® are registered trademarks. Be wary of detective agencies or private investigators using our brand name

There are many detectives and Investigation Agency.

But if you are looking for investigative techniques and skills comparable to the best intelligence services…

We were looking for an investigative agency in Italy to conduct thorough investigations on some of our business partners. After having turned to two private investigators noble in Italy we made a third attempt turning to the “Group Top Secret”, we were surprised by their work, their speed, they have focused the objective, the excellent documentation that we They have provided really exhaustive. They are able to provide a tailor-made service for companies. We have therefore decided to conclude an agreement with them for all our needs for information at European level. An excellent partner to rely on.

James West

Rebel XSports
Rebel XSports
13 Gennaio 2024
Real professionals and english speaking which is rare in Italy. They have taken care for us on issues we had with a competitor and one of our employees. Great experience and will definitely ask for their service again.
Galya Yerofyeyeva
Galya Yerofyeyeva
13 Gennaio 2024
Molto professionali e preparati, sono riusciti a risolvermi una questione molto delicata che mi ha permesso di risparmiare una grossa cifra grazie alle prove schiaccianti che sono riusciti a fornirmi.
melita de biasi
melita de biasi
23 Ottobre 2023
Agenzia investigativa di grande esperienza e professionalità! Consiglio vivamente a chiunque ne avesse bisogno
Glenda Massaccesi
Glenda Massaccesi
22 Ottobre 2023
Team qualificato e molto professionale , molto qualificati anche in investigazioni internazionali e sicurezza . Posso semplicemente consigliarli.
giuz gin
giuz gin
21 Ottobre 2023
Agenzia estremamente seria e professionale, il servizio è stato più approfondito di quanto richiesto, in tempi rapidissimi! Personale altamente qualificato! Consiglio vivamente!
Fabrizio Cacciatore
Fabrizio Cacciatore
21 Ottobre 2023
Agenzia professionale è affidabile!!
Maurizio Bentivoglio
Maurizio Bentivoglio
4 Dicembre 2020
Avevo un problema serio in azienda, non conoscevo nessuno in questo settore, ho quindi contattato cinque agenzie per farmi un'idea, dopo una riflessione di qualche giorno ho scelto Group Top Secret per la loro chiarezza, la correttezza e la grande competenza del suo titolare. Sono rimasto sbalordito dal risultato ottenuto, grazie al loro supporto non solo ho risolto il mio problema, ma ho avuto una grandissimo risparmio di denaro nel periodo a seguire. Grazie davvero per la disponibilità, la gentilezza e la grande professionalità, una agenzia investigativa davvero a cinque stelle. Stefano, il titolare, è d'avvero una bella persona oltre che un professionista serio, competente e all'avanguardia. Consiglio vivamente a chi cerca concretezza e professionalità.
Giulia D'Addato
Giulia D'Addato
6 Gennaio 2019
Senza di loro non avrei risolto un grosso problema di eredità, sono stati chiari, competenti, precisi. In soli tre mesi hanno risolto brillantemente la vicenda, la loro relazione investigativa è stata fondamentale per vincere la causa. Con grande stima Maria
elisa de cicco
elisa de cicco
24 Novembre 2018
Direi perfetti, comprensivi, professionali, estremamente rapidi, in soli due giorni hanno scoperto tutto. Mi hanno letteralmente cambiato la vita. Grazie

Investigation Solutions

Some of our reliable investigative services tailored for you.

We investigate to find out if your employees are stealing information about your customers and suppliers and if anyone is using your brand or products/services illicitly. We help you strengthen all your systems for protecting and sharing confidential information.

Ci avvaliamo dei migliori strumenti tecnologici per l’intercettazione di radiofrequenze e analizzatori di spettro e delle tecniche di intelligence più elevate per scoprire in tempi rapidi la presenza di una microcamera nascosta nell’auto o di apparecchi spia installati nei dispositivi fissi e mobili con i quali lavori come smartphone, tablet, telefoni, computer…

Le Relazioni Informative di Group Top Secret rappresentano un documento essenziale ed hanno la funzione di descrivere ogni dettaglio utile alla ricerca commissionata dal cliente, riportando cronologicamente tutti gli avvenimenti verificatisi durante l’osservazione.

Economic and business information is a key support that enables most small, medium and large companies to make strategic choices.

Choose professionals to protect your company from corporate fraud and accounting, financial and commercial crimes.

Group Top Secret Investigations, in collaboration with the best industry labs and various Italian universities, offers the advantage of a multidisciplinary analysis of each investigative problem.

Do you have doubts or suspicions?

Find the answers you are looking for

Our Investigative Agency at Your Service!

Group Top Secret is dedicated to serving businesses that need to rely on an investigative agency to gather information of various nature, uncover unethical behaviors by employees, partners, and collaborators, recover debts, and even obtain references for hiring personnel.

How to Choose Your Trusted Investigative Agency?

By choosing Group Top Secret, you can rest assured! It is crucial to select a company that operates in full compliance with the law, as any non-compliance could expose the principal to substantial risks within the jurisdiction of Italy.

Opting for a recognized investigative agency, one that holds a license issued by the prefecture based on specific requirements, will allow the evidence collected to be admissible in legal proceedings. Consequently, your lawyer can present and utilize this evidence before a judge.

Investigative Agency Verona Italy

Group Top Secret Investigations is an investigative agency founded in Verona in 1990. It quickly gained prominence, expanding and establishing a strong presence throughout Italy and abroad, becoming a reference point for intelligence and security services in Italy and internationally.

Following the opening of its second headquarters in Rome, the agency continued its expansion by creating international offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

Currently, Group Top Secret Investigations boasts a team of highly skilled professionals and advanced technological resources, enabling them to provide investigative and security services wherever they are needed.

Private Investigator WhatsApp: +39.338.2126025

Agenzia investigativa Verona
Investigative Agency Rome

Investigative Agency Rome

Group Top Secret Investigations has a dedicated team of private investigators in Rome. We work professionally to gather evidence and provide clarity and peace of mind to our clients in Rome, throughout Italy, and internationally. Whether you are concerned about marital infidelity, a family member, a friend, your company’s assets or personnel, we can assist you with our private investigations. You will have access to professional service from one of our private investigators in Rome.

There are no outsourcing services or involvement of third parties in our private investigations. For more information, visit our webpage Investigative Agency Rome.

Our overseas offices:

  • New York 10005 – 110 Wall Street
  • Londra N1 7GU – 20-22 Wenlock road
  • Switzerland Huntwangen 8194 – Kehlhofstrasse 8
  • Sydney NSW 2000 – 5 Martin Place
  • Hong Kong – Tower 535 Jaffe Road Causeway Bay