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Private Investigator Italy

You are here for a reason and we are here to help you.

Have you ever thought of contacting a private investigator like Group Top Secret?

Most people have thought, at least once in their life, of turning to a private investigator to solve their problems and suspects both on a personal or work-related field.

Waiting and hoping that the problem will resolve itself or ignoring your suspects trying to convince yourself that they have no basis means not wanting to deal with a situation that is negatively affecting your life and / or your work in a mature and professional way.

If you are also going through a similar situation, this is why you shouldn’t delay, but you’d better contact us at Group Top Secret.

Let’s face it: you have certainly thought, at least once in your life, of contacting a private investigator. Maybe you did, or maybe you didn’t.

In this second case, have you ever wondered what prompted you to give up clarifying a situation that was obviously undermining your serenity or, perhaps, even your economic stability?

If, by any chance, your suspects proved to be clearly unfounded or, accidentally, the problem was resolved without the need for an investigation, that’s better for you: it means that you were very lucky.

But we at Group Top Secret want to address our work to all those who have never dispelled those doubts but only “buried” them. We want to help those people that have hidden their problems in the memory drawers, drawers that they do not want to reopen. And, of course, to all those who are experiencing today this situation of discomfort, suspicion and even pain.

Because in the collective imagination, “hiring” a private investigator means looking for evidence of a sentimental betrayal. In reality, there are many investigative services for individuals and companies. And they can prove decisive not

Don’t look for evidence on your own

The biggest mistake most people make in these cases is to give up the professional services of a private investigator to independently seek the evidence they need.

This is a very serious mistake that we deeply suggest you not to make. First, because dealing with unknown situations is always dangerous, both in terms of personal safety and in terms of managing the situation. Secondly, it is often not known exactly what evidence to look for.

In addition, if we are talking about corporate investigations such as industrial espionage, unfaithful employees, or anti-counterfeiting investigations just to name a few, looking for evidence is not enough. First of all, it is necessary to be very sure which evidence constitutes admissible elements in a possible subsequent judicial phase.

Not to mention that investigating in compliance with the law is very difficult for those improving themselves to be investigators. Indeed, the risk of being pinched to violate someone else’s privacy, then having to defend against a complaint is quite high.

It would be like going from being a victim to being the executioner. A paradox. Unfortunately, however, it is more frequent than you can imagine.

Another thing: if you’ve decided to look for evidence yourself, have you ever wondered what to do next?

That’s right: because while it’s easy to breathe a sigh of relief when your suspicions turn out to be unfounded, in most cases, the search for truth doesn’t stop there.

Why rely on a private investigator?

Private Investigator

Private Investigator

As we mentioned earlier, doing amateur surveys can be very dangerous. On the contrary, professional private investigators know how to conduct an investigation in full compliance with the laws and, in particular, with privacy laws which might be very strict.

In choosing an investigative agency supporting you, make sure that this agency is recognized and only conducts fully legal investigations.

Again, looking for shortcuts can cost dearly not only to those who investigate, but also to those who have entrusted the task.

Often the detective agency has the task of collecting the evidence to take to court and, if the case is particularly complex, the work of more private detectives is needed. Investigations (especially corporate investigations in the field of fraud and counterfeiting) can also lead abroad and that is why it is better to contact agencies capable of operating internationally, more than a single professional.

That of the private investigator is a fascinating world, which, however, is not accessed by chance. It is a large and varied sector that can only be accessed after a certain course of study and further training to obtain the license.

In fact, you should know that private investigation is only possible with a license issued by the prefecture and on the basis of certain requirements that provide for the constant updating of the professional and the presence of certain qualifications. This is because the investigator’s final report has a probative nature and can be used by a lawyer in legal office.

This probative value has been confirmed in various judgments (No. 1166 of 2012, No. 1329 of 2013 and No. 11516 of 2014), which confirm the legal validity of the information acquired by a private investigator in Italy.

Therefore, to be fully protected under every legal profile, we at Group Top Secret recommend that you only contact an authorized professional agency with a special license.

Ask the investigator for details concerning the license without any fear.

Private investigator Italy for… private individuals

As we have said, in the private sphere, marital infidelity is the main case in which it occurs frequently. But it is not the only one.

Other areas of intervention of the investigative agency are the maintenance allowance or the collection of evidence on incorrect behaviour by one of the spouses or in the family. But very often we also have the task controlling young people in the event of deviant behaviour. It is not uncommon for a parent to ask the investigator to find out about the habits and company of friends his/her child is going out with.

So let’s see which are the main investigative services for individuals:

  • Asset investigations
  • asset divisions
  • assessments in the event of disputed inheritance
  • protection and control of minors
  • anti stalking and defence against harassment
  • marital infidelity
  • separations and divorces
  • violation of marital duties
  • revision of the maintenance allowance
  • reliability of domestic staff
  • checking current accounts
  • installation of alarm and security systems
  • search for documentary evidence for criminal investigations
  • custody of children
  • search for missing persons

Private investigator in Italy for companies

private investigator for companies

As we mentioned through this article, companies can also contact an investigative agency to investigate employees, to verify the conduct of people or to investigate in the event of an alleged false illness.

Another frequent case in which the intervention of the private investigator is requested is debt recovery, especially if the debtor is untraceable. There are also cases in which companies resort to investigative agencies for unfair competition, in particular to find out if associates or employees reveal confidential information up to corporate espionage investigations.

So let’s see what are all the main investigative services for companies:

  • unfair competition
  • unfaithful employees
  • false illness and false accident
  • incorrect use of legal permits
  • pre-employment investigations
  • theft in the company
  • dismissal for just cause
  • accounting investigation
  • alliunde perceptum and accounting offenses
  • Royalty Auditing
  • anti-counterfeiting investigations
  • property and financial investigations
  • patent protection
  • telephone remediation

Now that you know a little bit more about the world of detective agencies and private investigators, here goes our advice for you: don’t let someone trample your rights or damage your life’s work. With our help you can defend yourself in a great way.