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Theft in the company

Theft inside a business society remains one of the most common problems in our companies.
We can help you get rid of it …


Have there been suspected thefts or disappearances of material or even money from the company coffers or the wallets of other workers in the company?

If there is a thief in the company, it is time to find out before his/her conduct irreparably damages your company’s image. At Group Top Secret, we can install invisible surveillance systems to catch the thief employee in the act of crime and stalk and control employees suspected of theft. Our detective agency uses only completely legal devices and techniques to prevent and solve the problem of theft in the company without infringing on the privacy of employees.

Our investigations are aimed at verifying the correct behaviour of the worker. At the end of the investigative activity, the customer receives a detailed information report that documents the activity of the subjects subject to control, thus having a fundamental dossier available to be able to take actions against the employee responsible for the theft.

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Business Theft? Protecting your assets and reputation

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If the latest inventory highlighted suspicious disappearances from the shelves of the warehouse or from the offices, you will not be in a position to no longer be able to deliver your products. Find out immediately who stole them and why.


Employees stealing cash from your store checkout? The suspect, however well founded, is not enough. You need real proof and we at Group Top Secret will provide you with the legally valid evidence to proceed.


If the rumour spreads that someone steals money or personal belongings from your employees, the image of your company would be ruined. Choose to protect it by taking immediate action …

Would you like to know if someone is illegally stealing goods or money from your company?

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We were looking for an investigative agency in Italy to conduct thorough investigations on some of our business partners. After having turned to two private investigators noble in Italy we made a third attempt turning to the “Group Top Secret”, we were surprised by their work, their speed, they have focused the objective, the excellent documentation that we They have provided really exhaustive. They are able to provide a tailor-made service for companies. We have therefore decided to conclude an agreement with them for all our needs for information at European level. An excellent partner to rely on.
James West

A common problem of alarming dimensions

In most cases, the theft of material or money within a company does not occur due to thieves who sneak in at night, but by employees or collaborators of the company itself. Whether it is a big or small theft, the perpetration of this condition can have serious consequences for the company such as:

  • Inability to make deliveries
  • Reduction of productivity
  • damage of image

The employee stealing from the company and the dismissal for just cause

Theft in the company

Theft in the company is one of the problems afflicting many Italian companies.
If the employee takes possession of a company asset or steals in the workplace from other colleagues or the same employer, he/she violates the “pact of trust” that must always support an employment relationship.
Therefore, even if he/she has taken possession of an asset of little value, his/her conduct is so serious as to justify a dismissal for just cause.
In fact, according to the judges, the theft, whatever the value of the stolen asset, is in any case a behaviour creating suspicion for the future. It creates doubts on the future correctness and loyalty of the worker in fulfilling his/her obligations.

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Business Theft? Protecting your assets and reputation

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Business Theft? Protecting your assets and reputation

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