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Pre-employment investigations

A curriculum vitae is not enough to know if the person you are about to hire actually has
the skills and experience that you claim and that you are looking for. We help you find it out …


We at Group Top Secret, through our pre-employment investigations, verify if the skills, previous work experience, economic conditions and references provided by a candidate you would like to hire to join your company are true.

Boasting non-existent work experience, certificates never obtained or untruthful knowledge is very simple, but if a candidate shows up to occupy positions of importance and responsibility within your company, you can find out if what he declares is true or not.

Thanks to our investigative techniques, we can guarantee your company true and reliable answers on the candidates facing the decisive selections for a job. Furthermore, we can also help you to select a truly adequate salary for the new employee.

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Pre-employment investigations? Operational in 6 hours!

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Does the candidate really possess the skills listed in the CV and declared during the interview? Do not wait to hire him/her to find it out. Thanks to our pre-employment investigative services you can know immediately and without a single doubt.


Employers often don’t have the time and the way to check whether a candidate’s previous work experience is real or not. We can ascertain this with absolute accuracy.


The candidate left the previous jobs of his/her own free will or was he/she fired / forced to do so?. And if so, why? Do you have any civil / criminal actions or bankruptcies pending? Finding out in time can really make the difference.

Do you want to investigate a candidate before hiring him/her in your company?

Contact us and find out now how to do it.

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We were looking for an investigative agency in Italy to conduct thorough investigations on some of our business partners. After having turned to two private investigators noble in Italy we made a third attempt turning to the “Group Top Secret”, we were surprised by their work, their speed, they have focused the objective, the excellent documentation that we They have provided really exhaustive. They are able to provide a tailor-made service for companies. We have therefore decided to conclude an agreement with them for all our needs for information at European level. An excellent partner to rely on.
James West

Pre-employment investigations, why they are very important

Trust is the first requirement of any human and above all working relationship. Knowing if a candidate is telling the truth before hiring him/her is essential for a company wanting to avoid

  • Loss of competitiveness
  • Poor productivity of the employee and / or collaborator
  • Problems and costs related to the dismissal of an employee already hired

Examining the CV and not just with X-rays

Pre-employment investigations

Pre-employment investigations are essential to ascertain the skills and honesty of the candidate and to avoid hiring a person who is not suitable for the position he/she is called upon to perform.

The temptation to “impress” the employer can lead some candidates to exaggerate some skills or even invent skills, certificates or even qualifications never achieved with the knowledge that, in most cases, no one will ever check their veracity.

This is why in pre-employment investigations it is necessary to pass the CV through X-rays and check with great attention all the information about studies and school career, professional certificates, references. It is also necessary to carefully check the real reasons that led to the end of previous work experiences. Similarly, we check whether the salaries the candidate claims to have received in the past correspond to the truth.

All this information, which as always we at Group Top Secret provide to the client in a detailed way within the information report drawn up by our experts, will help you to really know the candidate in front of you much more in depth than any resume, letter of presentation or interview.

If you are looking for a resource for your company and not an obstacle, we help you recognize the most reliable candidates.

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Pre-employment investigations? Operational in 6 hours!

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Pre-employment investigations? Operational in 6 hours!