Protecting your business from potential threats and malicious intentions is crucial in today’s business world. Commercial investigations can be a valuable tool in achieving this goal. In this article, we will explore the importance of commercial investigations and how they can help protect your company.

Commercial investigations are investigations that allow companies to acquire important information about individuals and legal entities with whom they intend to establish professional or business relationships.

The goal of commercial investigations is to uncover any potential shortcomings in professional partners or collaborators in order to avoid the conclusion of contracts, reduce the risks of any potential collaboration or contract continuation, and obtain necessary information to make a well-informed evaluation of a partnership.

In other cases, corporate investigations may also investigate employees to verify their correctness or alleged untrustworthiness.

The nature of these investigations can be preventive, where one seeks to uncover the commercial, financial and reputation of physical and legal entities with whom one intends to collaborate. Or for the purpose of discovery or verification of actions taken by entities with whom one has an actual collaboration or subordination relationship.

By conducting thorough commercial investigations, one can reduce or avoid the risks of fraud, illegal evasion of information, reputation and image damage, economic losses and untrustworthy partnerships.

Let’s see together what are the main types of commercial investigations that can be carried out by an investigative agency on behalf of a company in order to protect its relationships and developments.

The main types of commercial investigations Anti-shoplifting commercial investigations

Anti-shoplifting commercial investigations are investigations aimed at verifying the loyalty of one’s own employees or collaborators.

They can be carried out against subordinates and partners suspected of illegally taking money from the company, but also materials from warehouses or offices.

In this case, the investigative agency takes care of intercepting the culprit(s) through photographic or video evidence, inventory differences or reliable testimonies that can prove the actual crime.

Financial and asset investigations

These investigations allow for the evaluation of business partners and their financial, commercial and reputation reliability.

They are very useful for evaluating companies in advance with whom to establish partnership and collaboration relationships, as well as for testing the loyalty and veracity of information, data and reports of retailers, suppliers, distributors and partners.

In our increasingly globalized society, research must also be increasingly detailed and thorough, as business partners are often abroad and in countries where it is not easy to obtain information.

For this reason, choosing the right and specialized investigative agency for companies and commercial investigations abroad is crucial in order to have satisfactory results to protect one’s business.

Group Top Secret is a specialized entity in international investigations thanks to its wide reach and presence in 80 countries, making it the most reliable and secure Italian investigative agency for the development of investigations outside of Italy.

Our presence on the international territory, not only with work partners but with operational offices, makes us the best choice for anyone who wants to carry out commercial investigations on foreign entities.

We take care of verifying the reliability of companies, collecting and analyzing information and data, and producing reports that summarize the results of the investigations.

Investigations in the Workplace: Protecting Your Business

All of these commercial investigation activities are also carried out on Italian territory.

Preliminary Investigations for Hiring These investigations are carried out in a preliminary manner for candidates being considered for employment, for which veracious information about their professional past is desired.

They allow for verification of past professional experiences, any undisclosed terminations and their motives, as well as the effectiveness of the stated and acquired skills.

This is extremely important because it makes it possible to carry out a real evaluation of the resume and the subject’s characteristics before selecting them for a position.

Investigations towards employees and collaborators These are commercial investigations that aim to uncover the presence of unethical activities and behaviors by employees or collaborators.

The activities sought are the leaking of true or false news about the company they work for, the illegal dissemination of industrial secrets or any other private information that, if disclosed, can harm the company’s reputation, image, and profit.

Investigations: How to Protect Yourself and Your Business To protect your business from the countless crimes and risks it may face (frauds, dissemination of private information and industrial secrets, thefts by personnel, dishonest partnerships, etc.), it is important to turn to a specialized commercial investigation agency in a preventive manner.

Industrial investigation agencies can carry out checks that allow for verification of economic and contractual relationships, disputes, illegal activities, leaks of private information, credit problems, and everything that contributes to clarity about the situation under investigation.

Group Top Secret has been professionally active for over 30 years and ensures that all activities are carried out in total secrecy, so there is no need to fear any information leakage: physical and legal entities under investigation do not receive any communication and will never be made aware.

Furthermore, no investigation carried out by Group Top Secret violates laws or sanctions, and all activities are carried out in accordance with privacy laws: it is not possible to research bank accounts, credit cards, or legal shops for physical or legal entities; private telephone interceptions is not carried out, microphones are not installed, and there is no illegal appropriation of information from databases.

All activities are carried out in accordance with the laws to ensure a fast and effective result.