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Search for missing persons


The search for missing persons is a very delicate area. Sudden disappearances of people can be caused by the most disparate reasons: from a voluntary removal to a forced removal, up to the types that concern the weakest groups such as minors and individuals unable to understand and want.

Timing is crucial in these cases, because the more time passes, the less the chances of finding a missing person are. And this is why we can be up and running within 6 hours of being appointed.

The point is that finding missing persons is an extremely complex and delicate activity in which discretion and timing are always decisive. We at Group Top Secret carry out investigations with highly professional techniques and technologies

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In the event of voluntary departure, reasons can be many and very different ones to the others: debts, insolvencies, trauma, love affairs, health or family problems. Understanding them deeply is essential to find the missing person as soon as possible.


In this above all, as in all the others concerning missing persons, it is always necessary to report the incident to the police. Combining their intervention with that of a professional investigation agency can be very useful.


It happens that minors and people with particular psychic frailties involuntarily leave home and are unable to return. Finding them promptly, given the particularity of the subjects involved, is doubly important. We at Group Top Secret get into action right away.

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Precise, professional, serious and discreet, better than my best expectations. In a short time they made my suspicions clear. Well done!

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The invisible army

Although successful finds have increased a lot thanks to science and technology, there is still an army of invisible people in Italy.

  • 60 thousand people missing in Italy
  • In the 2015-2017 the number of missing minors doubled
  • 91% of missing persons are found after 24/48 hours

The phenomenon of missing persons in Italy

Unfortunately, anyone who thinks that missing persons is a marginal phenomenon is wrong. Numbers speak for themselves: there are 61,036 people, including Italian citizens (9,959) and foreigners (51,077), who have disappeared in the last 25 years and are still wanted.

Again in the last 25 years, however, the overall disappearance reports have been 245,012 (of which 126,474 referring to Italian citizens and 129,181 concerning minors).

Of the 61,036 persons still to be found, 44,399 (73%) are minors, 15,012 (25%) are adults and 1,625 are over 65.

Last year alone, 15,044 disappearance reports were reported, equal to 1,250 each month. 9,846 people were found (65%). This means that there are still more than 5,000 people missing from the appeal.

These data, contained in the report by the government’s extraordinary commissioner for missing persons, demonstrate the extent of a phenomenon that should not be underestimated. Alerting police and intervening immediately even through an investigative agency can really make a difference in the case of missing persons.

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