More and more criminal trials are now relying on the results of scientific tests to prove the guilt or innocence of the defendant. In many cases, scientific evidence is “the only real evidence” among many and not always consistent indications.

Recent advancements in investigative techniques and sophisticated means of finding evidence allow for reliable results through proper sampling and comparison of evidence.

Group Top Secret Investigations, in collaboration with the best industry labs and various Italian universities, offers the advantage of a multidisciplinary analysis of each investigative problem.

As a result, it is possible to conduct an exhaustive scientific reconstruction within relatively short time through the preparation of a series of forensic consultancies merged into a single analysis.

In this way, Group Top Secret Investigations provides the judge or lawyer with a complete overview and includes the results of the scientific analyses performed in different sectors in a single context.

Scientific tests and comparative proofs carried out by a private investigator are similar to those carried out in other contexts, such as criminology or forensic medicine, with the difference that they are conducted by a private investigator instead of a government agency or academic institution.

Private investigators can carry out these tests and comparative proofs as part of their work to gather information and evidence on behalf of their clients. For example, in a case of marital infidelity, a private investigator might carry out an analysis of phone communications or flight records to check if a spouse has had suspicious behavior.

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