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Patents, trademarks and industrial models are temptation targets for unfair competitors.
Find out how you can defend your exclusive rights on your products.


Filing a patent is not enough to protect your company from copying, counterfeiting and fraud attempts. This is why the role of an investigative agency specializing in patent protection can be fundamental for your company.

The investigators of Group Top Secret, in collaboration with the lawyers of our investigative agency, are able to conduct rapid, precise and discreet investigations in order to collect certain and fully usable evidence in court aimed at identifying the subjects reproducing illegally assets protected by patents.

The international presence of Group Top Secret represents an important added value in patents ‘protection. In fact it allows you to work in supranational contexts with different rules in which, otherwise, it would be difficult for a company alone to move.

Thanks to the detailed information report you receive at the end of our investigation, you will be able to assert all your rights and obtain compensation for the suffered damage.

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If any company improperly uses products covered by patents and trademark protection, we will identify it and provide you with the tools to obtain adequate compensation for damages and stop this unfair competition.


The infringement of a patent does not only occur through counterfeiting. In fact it can also occur when a company, through an unfaithful employee or other methods, steals industrial models, prototypes or other confidential information. With us you can protect yourself from this risk …


Thanks to our investigations you will be able to stop the infringement of your patents by third parties and make sure that, by means of a sentence, a judge can order the destruction of the counterfeit products. Do not hesitate and choose Group Top Secret …

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Filing a patent is not enough

Protecting a patent is increasingly important in a competitive context where the rules are different for each country. Unfortunately, registration alone is not enough, as the following things can happen:

  • Dangerous counterfeits

  • Economic losses and damage to image

  • Loss of jobs (in Italy, according to an estimate by the Ministry of Economic Development, it is estimated that in the absence of counterfeiting there would be 110,000 more jobs!)

What a patent is and how it is protected in Italy

A patent is an exclusive right to the production and sale of a certain good, to the realization of a certain service, or to the implementation of a certain production process, within a specific territory and for a certain period of time.

The patent laws recognize the owner a legal monopoly on the patented object: the patent, in fact, allows the owner to make exclusive use of it, licensing it or acting against anyone who carries out unauthorized copying.

The following can be patented and filed at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM):

  • Industrial inventions; an invention is defined as a new and innovative solution in response to a technical problem. The invention can refer to the creation of a completely new device, product, method or process or it can simply represent an improvement of a given product or process that already exists.
  • Utility models; you have a utility model when you improve an existing product. These are new models that make it possible to obtain particular effectiveness, application ease, use of machines or parts thereof, tools, tools and objects.
  • new plant varieties; in this case we speak of an exclusive right, i.e. a privative one.

Acting promptly to protect a patent is not only a way to stop an act of unfair competition and obtain the compensation you are entitled to, but also a concrete deterrent to possible future actions.

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