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Investigations with drones

Using drones and new technologies for aerial surveys can be decisive
in terms of corporate surveillance and security

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The use of air vehicles such as drones for carrying out investigative activities or for security reasons can be decisive especially when you find yourself having to investigate in narrow and confined places. Place where it is not possible to physically access rather than in all those investigations requiring observation from long distances and with poor visibility.

This is why we at Group Top Secret are an agency authorized by ENAC to use drones and flying systems equipped with Full HD and 4K video cameras, Full HD zoom telephoto lenses, night vision cameras and GPS vehicle tracking systems.

In addition, if necessary, our agency is also able to carry out investigations through the use of helicopters and long-distance observation using very high resolution shooting systems.

As always, at the end of the investigative phase, the customer receives a detailed and complete Information Report with photos and videos that can be later on used in court.

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Our company investigations with drones allow inspections, aerial photo-reconnaissance activities and direct dynamic observation activities discreetly and without being seen.


When the area to be checked is particularly large, we can guarantee complete coverage of the territory from a privileged perspective such as aerial and even at night.o doubts or ambiguity even in court.


Thanks Full HD and 4k devices, our drones can make enlargements ensuring the images a maximum quality level to leave n

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Precise, professional, serious and discreet, better than my best expectations. In a short time they made my suspicions clear. Well done!

Marco Palmini

The use of drones in the investigative field

Before entrusting the investigative task to an agency rather than a private investigator, make sure that they are authorized to carry out investigations using drones: And Group Top Secret is an authorized agency.

In fact, ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) has established that the use of a drone, defined as a remotely piloted aircraft (APR), or a remotely guided vehicle, without people on board, for non-recreational purposes must be carried out by an operator who has obtained the qualification of drone pilot. And only after having followed a specific course at facilities accredited by the same ENAC. That’s not all: the agency must also have obtained recognition from ENAC as a specialized operator for this type of investigation. This is because any flight activity must be previously communicated to ENAC and, if carried out in a critical area, it will be necessary to have the appropriate authorization for the activity.

This means that for aerial surveys you absolutely must not rely on any operators but only choose agencies that have been accredited by ENAC.

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