The digital proof

Forensic computer science

Hard drives, smartphones and internet networks can contain valuable information
to unmask attacks and protect your business.


If the web and new technologies have expanded the possibilities and means available to unfair competitors, hackers and malicious people, it is equally true that every action on the web leaves traces. What makes the difference is knowing where to look for them and how to find them.

We at Group Top Secret can analyze computers, computer networks, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, SIMs and other digital media to correctly extract any digital evidence to defend your company.

As always, at the end of the computer investigation, our investigators draw up and deliver you a complete information report accompanied by a computer report based on the analysis of the electronic devices analyzed.

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We are able to extract data from hard disks or other memories without altering the original find in any way. We will maintain the integrity of the media and this gives us the possibility of obtaining the same results in any subsequent analyzes.


The analysis and recording of the data flow and all events occurring in network communications is essential in the field of forensic information technology. We at Group Top Secret have the ideal tools to do it.


Today we all use smartphones and tablets … This is why the extraction of data contained in “mobile devices”, i.e. from mobile digital devices, SIM, SD, micro SD, video cameras, digital cameras, satellite navigators, etc. it is more and more important

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Precise, professional, serious and discreet, better than my best expectations. In a short time they made my suspicions clear. Well done!

Marco Palmini

Forensic computer science

Computers, web and smartphones: new opportunities that might be also risky ones …

Today all companies, of course, make extensive use of computers and the web because these technologies offer them undoubted advantages in terms of productivity, competitiveness and performance. But obviously these systems also hide pitfalls …

  • Hacking of computer systems

  • Deletion of company-owned data and information

  • Incorrect behaviour by employees and collaborators

What digital proof is and how it is used

Forensic computer science

Forensic computer science

Law no.48 of March 18, 2008 sanctioned the introduction of the founding principles of computer forensics within our legal system. It did it providing for important aspects related to the management of digital evidence which, by their nature, are characterised by extreme volatility and fragility.
The acquisition of computer evidence is certainly the phase that presents the greatest criticality, precisely because it must ensure the inalterability of the element being analyzed.
This procedure cannot be implemented as a mere copy of the searched data, since an operation of this type would result in the irreparable loss of all those elements characterizing the test itself.
Precisely for this reason we at Group Top Secret are one of the best agencies able to obtain digital proofs ensuring the integrity of the supports and thus giving the possibility of obtaining the same results in any subsequent analyzes.

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