When firing an employee is necessary

Dismissal for just cause

We help you demonstrate whether the conditions for an employee
to be dismissed for just cause exist or not.


Dismissal for just cause occurs when the worker commits particularly serious facts such as to constitute an irremediable denial of the essential trust elements in the employment relationship.

The recurring reasons for proceeding with dismissal for just cause are many and range from false accidents to the incorrect use of legal permits up to theft inside the company, unfair competition and serious episodes of insubordination

However, proving the existence of these conditions in court can be really difficult. This is why we at Group Top Secret provide you with a detailed information report documenting the activity of the subject under control. We also provide you with a useful and complete dossier that later on you will be able to use in order to take appropriate actions against the employee with certain evidence.

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Among the types of behaviours that can lead to dismissal for just cause, the most common are false accidents, false illness of the employee and incorrect use of the permits of Law 104/92 and false stamping … With us you can prove them.


Episodes of serious insubordination, threats and unjustified and repeated refusals to perform one’s work activities, if proven, these actions can lead to dismissal for just cause. We can provide you with the evidence you need.


Our investigative techniques are not limited to verifying the employee’s behaviour in the workplace but can also verify whether the same has carried out a criminally relevant non-work conduct such as to justify dismissal for just cause.

Would you like to demonstrate that the conditions to fire your employee for just cause exist?

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Dismissal for just cause

An employee behaving incorrectly is a very serious damage to any company

Having to keep an employee who behaves in a grossly incorrect way can have particularly heavy repercussions from an economic point of view and beyond:

  • Impairs business productivity

  • It ruins the environment and the climate of respect among colleagues

  • It damages the corporate image

Justifications for a dismissal: what the Italian law says

According to the Italian law system, there are three different types of dismissals:

  • for just cause
  • for justified subjective reason
  • for justified objective reason

Specifically, dismissal for just cause is ordered by the employer “if there is a cause that does not allow the continuation, even temporary, of the working relationship” (art. 2119 of the Italian Civil Code, the so-called “immediate” dismissal).

The dismissal for just cause occurs when the worker is charged with behaviours so serious as to irremediably damage the relationship of trust between the parties, effectively preventing the continuation, albeit temporary, of the employment relationship.

In this regard, the Court of Cassation has repeatedly reiterated the principle according to which, for the purposes of the breach of the fiduciary bond, it is not so much the extent of the damage suffered by the employer that is relevant, but rather the repercussions that the contested fact may have if the working relationship continues.

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