A precious and immediate help before the very important “I do”

Premarital Investigations

Find out everything you always wanted to know about your future spouse to take
an important step like marriage with peace of mind


Can we help you have a happy marriage? Most likely yes. We can certainly help you not to make serious mistakes in choosing the person to whom you will say “I do” for the rest of your life-

It is only after the wedding that unpleasant circumstances affecting the spouse are found to be the main cause of divorce and separation. There are many scenarios and situations that can compromise the stability of a future marital relationship.

Group Top Secret’s premarital investigations make it possible to discreetly ascertain the morality, seriousness and economic and patrimonial reliability of the future spouse. Thanks to our investigations, your partner’s past and present will no longer have secrets and you will be able to clearly understand his/her real intentions.

In addition to classic and always useful investigations on fidelity and morality of the future spouse, we can therefore ascertain numerous other conditions demonstrating the presence or absence of serious sincerity deficiencies.

Getting to know them all before marriage can make a really big difference.

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Our investigations can demonstrate absolutely quickly and unambiguously if the person you are going to marry is in a relationship with other partners, has children or even another family.


We verify the reliability of the future spouse by ascertaining the presence of pending legal proceedings against him/her, legal precedents or any dangerous acquaintances that you need to know.


We discreetly ascertain the possible presence of debts through intelligence tools and provide you with a report with evidence of the real economic and financial situation of your future spouse.

Would you like to know if the person you are about to say “I do” has told you all the truth about his/her past and which are his/her real intentions for the future?

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I would say perfect, understanding, professional, extremely fast, in just two days they found out everything. They literally changed my life. Thank you
Elisa De Cicco

Premarital investigations help you avoid

Did you know that many divorce or separation causes have their roots even before marriage? Verifying the reliability of your partner before the wedding helps you avoid:

  • Long and expensive divorces and / or separations
  • Dilapidation of your personal assets
  • Heartbreaking family problems

From the limits of a short divorce to the community of assets. Because you need to know everything before the wedding.

While it is true that the introduction of short-term divorce (Law no. 55 of May 6, 2015) has reduced divorce time and costs, this method has numerous limitations. First of all it must be consensual and, secondly, it is not applicable in the case of minor children, adult children with severe disabilities or incapacities; adult children who are not economically self-sufficient and in the event that the separation agreement does not contain asset transfer agreements.

This means that in most cases, separation and divorce practices will still have to take place with a long and costly assisted negotiation by your lawyers. In addition to the lawyer’s fee (which is in any case a few thousand euros), if the marriage took place under the community of property regime, this means that anything purchased during the marriage is owned by both spouses at 50%.

It is therefore easy to imagine how many and what economic and family problems you can face if the marriage contract is characterised by previous situations that you were unaware of. While it is true that divorce has become (at times) easier from a bureaucratic point of view, the impact of a divorce or separation remains enormous for spouses, which is why premarital investigations are really important. As that old slogan goes, prevention is better than cure.

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