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Private Detective Rome

Corporate or Private Investigations?

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Group Top Secret Roma 00142 – Via Di Grotta Perfetta, 367

Private Detective Rome

Three Decades of Experience and Specialization

Group Top Secret Roma 00142 – Via Di Grotta Perfetta, 367

Private Detective Rome: The Secure Choice with Group Top Secret

Your search for a distinguished ‘Private Detective Rome’ ends here. We are Group Top Secret, an upscale investigative agency in Rome providing investigative services for over three decades.

Our team of specialized private detectives operates nationwide and internationally, ensuring top-notch results. In this section, we highlight how Group Top Secret can become the answer to all your investigative needs.

Three Decades of Experience and Specialization

With over 30 years of expertise in the field, our ‘Private Detective Rome’ have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of private investigations. Our areas of specialization include:

Industrial Investigation: If you harbor doubts about your employees’ actions or suspect illicit activities within your company, we are here to enlighten you with the truth.

Fraud Investigation: Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, fraud can hit you hard. Our specialists are all set to identify the fraudulent and gather evidence for your protection.

Stolen Property Recovery: If you’ve been victim of a theft, we stand ready to trace and retrieve what has been taken from you.

Adultery Investigation: In the complex world of relationships, if you suspect infidelity, we can conduct discreet investigations to provide you with the necessary clarity.

Verifying Individual’s Credibility: Before relying on someone, it’s paramount to verify their credibility. Our detectives conduct thorough investigations to ensure your security.

Privacy First

Safeguarding your privacy is one of our prime concerns. All information collected during our investigations are handled with utmost confidentiality. You can rest assured knowing your case will be managed by a professional and discreet team.

Legal Consultation at Your Service

Beyond investigations, we offer legal consultation services to guide you through the legal maze of your case. We collaborate with lawyers and industry professionals to ensure that you have all the needed support to make informed decisions.

Cost of a Private Detective Rome

The rates for a Private Detective in Rome can vary, but we would like to emphasize that in 99% of the cases, an expenditure of about a thousand euro can suffice to investigate potential infidelity. The official rates for 2021 range from a minimum of € 75.00 to a maximum of € 400.00 per hour. We guarantee reliable results at competitive prices with our know-how and ethical commitment.

Your Private Detective in Rome and Worldwide

Security knows no borders, and neither do we. Group Top Secret operates in 80 countries worldwide. If you’re looking for a Private Detective in Rome, you can find us at the following address: Via Di Grotta Perfetta, 367, 00142 Rome.

Choose Group Top Secret as your Private Detective Rome. Our team, experience, and discretion assure reliable results and solution to your grievances. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can get the answers you seek. Your security and your peace of mind are our priorities.

For a Private Detective in Rome, visit our office at: Via Di Grotta Perfetta, 367 00142 Rome.

If you’re looking for a Private Detective in Rome, you can find us here: Via Di Grotta Perfetta, 367 00142 Rome.

Investigatore Privato Roma

Indisputable evidence with your Private Detective Rome

We define a tailored investigative approach to ascertain the facts and provide your company with comprehensive reports and analytical documentation, usable also in a judicial setting.

Choose custom investigations for you with one of the most serious investigative agencies in Rome.

Choose the professionalism and reliability of Group Top Secret!

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Domande Frequenti

Due Diligence2022-04-29T23:27:32+02:00

Due diligence is a thorough investigation that aims to analyze detailed information in the economic, tax and real estate fields before carrying out an extraordinary corporate acquisition or merger operation (in technical jargon also buyout or takeover).

Due diligence is one of the analysis and verification activities that generally must precede the signing of an acquisition or merger agreement between the interested parties.

Furthermore, even if it would constitute a separate activity from the acquisition and merger processes, due diligence is one of the preliminary activities that must be performed before the acquisition in order to evaluate the market, the main competitors and other factors that may influence the evaluation of the operation.

Attraverso le investigazioni per privati, Group Top Secret si occupa (con un tasso di successo che supera il 98% dei casi) di indagini che riguardano questioni sentimentali, patrimoniali, finanziarie producendo anche analisi scientifiche e prove documentali per indagini penali.

Group Top Secret è l’unica agenzia investigativa italiana specializzata in investigazioni aziendali e industriali da oltre 35 anni.
Grazie alla sua presenza a livello globale è una delle pochissime realtà in grado di condurre indagini a livello internazionale in più di 80 paesi.